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Trifecta Kit

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Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences

LG Sciences Trifecta Kit has been around for nearly a decade and has been helping men get big since it was launched.

M1D Andro is the evolution of Methyl 1-D, our hardcore testosterone boosting prohormone. Using 5-DHEA along with a potent aromatase inhibitor and vital co-factors, we believe that M1D Andro can boost your testosterone to the highest possible levels without using illegal means.

EpiAndro 50 is the evolution of legal Stanolone prohormones that don’t cross the legal line. This prohormone has been reported to cause extreme hardness, strength and fat burning. In addition, we have added co-factors that may reduce myostatin, which further increases muscle mass.

Form-XT combines an aromatase inhibitor along with co-factors designed to boost natural hormone production after a cycle to help you recover faster than on your own.

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