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Bulking Andro Kit

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Bulking Andro Kit by LG Sciences

Are you wanting to get big? Because this kit is for someone who’s ready to put on some serious mass. Using a combination of monster prohormones and cofactors, LG Sciences Bulking Andro Kit represents the ultimate six-week cycle. When combined with proper diet and exercise, this kit can boost your mental and physical activity, giving you that extra edge at the gym you’ve been wanting.

The Bulking Andro Kit allows you to reach your fitness goals for mass and strength through the following supplements:

  • M1D Andro
  • 4-Andro
  • 1-Andro
  • Form-XT

M1D Andro

M1D Andro is a prohormone designed for men to gain muscle. Made up of the evolution of Methyl 1-D, this supplement can boost your testosterone to the highest possible level without using illegal means.


4-Andro actively works to increase your red blood cell count. By increasing your red blood cell count, 4-Andro aids in protein synthesis and helps improve your muscle pumps during workouts. It also helps increase your appetite.


1-Andro is seven times more anabolic than testosterone. It makes it easy to maintain muscle gains after your post-cycle therapy by removing the conversion of unwanted estrogen.


Form-XT works to help you recover faster on your own. Combining an aromatase inhibitor and cofactors, this supplement helps your body produce natural hormones.

About LG Sciences

Having released many of the prohormones on the market, LG Sciences is an industry leader in the bodybuilding and prohormone industry. The company has pioneered its way to success through extensive research on healthy ways to enhance the body.

Recently, researchers at LG Sciences have developed a proprietary technology called Cyclosome Technology. Cyclosome Technology is the technology that makes the Bulking Andro Kit work. As the most advanced liposomal delivery technology on the market, it works to supply the body with testosterone boosting compounds and legal prohormones. Cyclosome Technology works successfully and efficiently to give you the results you’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking to gain muscle, strength, and mass, try adding the Bulking Andro Kit to your training regimen.

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